San Pedro Restaurant San Antonio

San Pedro Restaurant San Antonio

Introducing Pacific Moon Bar & Grill: A Distinctive San Pedro Restaurant in San Antonio

Hello, we’re Pacific Moon Bar & Grill, a Pan Asian dining experience nestled at 15140 San Pedro Avenue in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. Since opening our doors in 1998, we’ve prided ourselves on bringing a slice of Asia to the San Antonio dining scene with a creative twist on traditional dishes. Our chef, Han Olmstead, has crafted a menu that’s as diverse as it is delicious, blending Asian flavors with an unexpected flair.

Our Signature Dishes

Exploring the Menu

At Pacific Moon, every dish tells a story – from the Mark & Mike Bowl’s hearty fusion of beef and chicken in our house teriyaki sauce to the delectable Sesame Chicken that perfectly balances sweet and spicy. Not to be missed, our Racker Sirloin steak is a testament to Mama Han’s culinary prowess, bringing together quality ingredients with a sauce that’s to die for.

More Than Just a Restaurant

A Family Atmosphere

We understand that a great meal is about more than just great food. It’s about the experience, the atmosphere, and most importantly, the people. At Pacific Moon, our philosophy is “no one is a stranger”. Whether you’re a regular or it’s your first visit, we strive to make you feel at home.

Our Commitment to Quality

Fresh Ingredients, Exceptional Flavors

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From sourcing fresh ingredients to the meticulous preparation of each dish, we go above and beyond to ensure that your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional. It’s this commitment that has earned us accolades and a loyal following in San Antonio.

Join Us for a Unique Dining Experience

Discover Pan Asian Cuisine Like Never Before

Asian cuisine is rich and diverse, and at Pacific Moon Bar & Grill, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to explore this richness to its fullest. Our menu, infused with Mama Han’s global experience and passion for culinary arts, offers something for everyone – from Korean specialties to Asian fusion dishes and beyond.

Celebrate Special Moments with Us

Your Go-to Spot for Any Occasion

Whether you’re planning a casual outing, a family dinner, or a special celebration, Pacific Moon Bar & Grill offers an ambiance that’s just right for any occasion. Our specialty cocktails and the warm, welcoming atmosphere make it the ideal place to create memorable moments.

Connect With Us

Stay Updated on What’s New

We love engaging with our customers and invite you to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram. Follow us for the latest updates, special events, and a sneak peek at our newest dishes. We’re always cooking up something exciting at Pacific Moon!

Your Invitation to Exquisite Dining

Become Part of Our Pacific Moon Family

More than just a restaurant, Pacific Moon Bar & Grill is a community. We’re dedicated to offering not just exceptional meals, but also creating a space where every visit is a unique experience. From our kitchen to your table, every dish is made with love, care, and an Asian twist that you won’t find anywhere else in San Antonio.

We invite you to join us at 15140 San Pedro Avenue to discover the best of Pan Asian cuisine. Let’s make dining an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Welcome to Pacific Moon Bar & Grill, where every meal is a celebration of flavors, cultures, and community.

San Pedro Restaurant San Antonio

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